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Kunci jawaban Contoh Soal-soal NCLEX test May 7, 2008

Posted by adimasmw in Nclex test.

kalo yang masih binun ini ada kunci jawabannya, ok dicocokin sama kunci jawabannya, sama gak, kalao sama, siap-siap aja jadi RN 🙂 :

Answer Key

1. (A) and (B) are both contraindicated with pregnancy.
2. (F) All of the others have can cause photosensitivity reactions.
3. (D) All of the others can cause urine discoloration.
4. (A) Corgard could be removed from the refigerator.
5. (D) IgG is the only immunoglobulin that can cross the placental barrier.
6. (B) AZT treatment is the most critical innervention.
7. (C) Autonomic neuropathy can cause inability to urinate.
8. (B) All of the clinical signs and systems point to a condition of anorexia nervosa.
9. (B) Hypercalcaemia can cause polyuria, severe abdominal pain, and confusion.
10. (C) Rho gam prevents the production of anti-RH antibodies in the mother that has a Rh positive fetus.

11. (D) The effects of PKU stay with the infant throughout their life.
12. (D) Aspirin overdose can lead to metabolic acidosis and cause pulmonary edema development.
13. (D) This patient’s safety is your primary concern.
14. (C) The bronchodilator will allow a more productive cough.
15. (B) Weight gain is associated with CHF and congenital heart deficits.
16. (C) The skin would be dry and not oily.
17. (A) Streptokinase is a clot busting drug and the best choice in this situation.
18. (A) Green vegetables and liver are a great source of folic acid.
19. (D) Cl. difficile has not been linked to meningitis.
20. (D) RBC’s last for 120 days in the body.

21. (B) Discharge education begins upon admit.
22. (B) Initiative vs. guilt- 3-6 years old
23. (A) Trust vs. Mistrust- 12-18 months old
24. (D) Intimacy vs. isolation- 18-35 years old
25. (B) HR and Respirations are slightly increased. BP is down.
26. (A) Elavil is a tricyclic antidepressant.
27. (D) Erythromycin is used to treat conditions A-C.
28. (D) Answer choices A-C were symptoms of acute hyperkalemia.
29. (C) Weight loss would be expected.
30. (A) Loss of appetite would be expected

31. (D) Choice A is linked to Plague, Choice B is linked to peptic ulcers, Choice C is linked to Cholera.
32. (A) Choice B is linked to Rheumatic fever, Choice C is linked to Anthrax, Choice D is linked to Endocarditis.
33. (D) A CT scan would be performed for further investigation of the hemiparesis.
34. (C) Weight gain and poor temperature tolerance indicate something may be wrong with the thyroid function.
35. (C) Blood cultures would be performed to investigate the fever and rash symptoms.
36. (A) With a history of diabetes, the first response should be to check blood sugar levels.
37. (C) Age is not the greatest factor in potty training. The overall mental and physical abilities of the child is the most important factor.
38. (C) The poison control center will have an exact plan of action for this child.
39. (C) Vastus lateralis is the most appropriate location.
40. (D) In this case you are able to determine the name of the child by the father’s statement. You should not withhold the medication from the child following identification.


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